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MONDAY, MARCH 29, 2010

10 Book Design Terms Explained!

For beginners, from a beginner, here are ten terms to know about book creation. (Would be most grateful if the better-informed will correct or clarify in the comments! --Carol)
  1. Blind, blind stamped or stamped in the blind: "This refers to stamping or impressions on the cover of a book that have not been filled in with color or gilt." (source)A blind stamp
  2. Cast-Coated Paper: Coated paper with a high-gloss reflective finish. (source)Cast-coated paper
  3. Foil: "A metallic or pigmented coating on plastic sheets or rolls used in foil stamping and foil embossing." (source)Foil
  4. Headbands: "Most commonly, the bands of thread which extend beyond the top and bottom edges of the text block at either end of the spine." (source)A headband
  5. Levant: "Elegant and highly polished morocco goatskin leather with a grain-pattern surface." (source)Levant
  6. Slab Serif: "A certain class of font whoseserifs look like slabs (e.g.: flat lines or blocks) and not hooks." Rockwell uses slab serifs. (source)
  7. Sparkle: "A typographic property associated with many classical, readable typefaces that is related to their typographic contrast." The typeface Bodoni is said to sparkle. (source)
  8. Spot varnish: "Varnish used to hilight [sic] a specific part of the printed sheet." (source)
  9. Spot varnishThermography: "Method of printing using colorless resin powder that takes on the color of underlying ink. Also called raised printing." Printers can even make the raised part metallic, pearlescent, or glittery! (source)Thermographic Glitter!Thermography/Raised printing
  10. UV coated paper:"Liquid laminate bonded and cured with ultraviolet light. Environmentally friendly. Comes in gloss or matte finish." (source) This is used to protect the paper. UV coating can apparently provide the glossiest finish of all available coating methods.

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