Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lane Smith & Molly Leach

The world of picture book design is a mysterious and wonderful place. I recently found a video about the dynamic duo of picture book creation, husband and wife team - Molly Leach and Lane Smith. Complimenting nicely the Horn Book Magazine article, Design Matters, this video lets the viewer in a little further on the design process of picture books. Bonus: You also get to see snippets of their lovely home offices.

Makes me really wish I had snapped up a copy of The Happy Hocky Family before it went out of print.

Thanks to Fuse #8 for the video link.

Also, on a sidenote for any Lane Smith fans, check out his blog, Curious Pages. It's tagline states: "recommended inappropriate books for kids TM" and has hilarious commentary on classic children's books. I unearthed a copy of Elizabite by H.A. Rey in a used bookstore and was cracking up reading it, thinking "How could I have made it this far in life without seeing this book?" I am so happy to know, I am not alone.

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