Sunday, March 14, 2010

Design Choices....Camille Rose Garcia's new "Alice"

Since we are all looking at book design this week, I'm hoping everyone will post the book they are going to argue for. I am still waffling (of course...) I had chosen Alice Through the Looking Glass newly illustrated by Camille Rose Garcia, but turns out it is being marketed as an 18+ gift book by Collins Design, so it is not really in the category we are considering.  I chose it because I was interested in how someone takes an iconic Alice or The Grimm's Fairytales and updates them for a 21st c. audience. The production quality of this book is over the top....

With watercolor and acrylic, Camille Rose Garcia creates a new illustrative interpretation of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The newly packaged unabridged classic has a distinct personality setting it apart from the numerous other illustration styles associated with the book throughout history. It is filled with imagination and a vibrant color palette and has a slight Goth aesthetic. The gift book is published by the Collins Design division of HarperCollins.

Not to be overlooked is the lovely interior design of the actual book by Agnieszka Stachowicz (who is also credited for the design of the dust jacket). 

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  1. This is fascinating, Sandy. I've taken a look at this book, of course, but I didn't know all the design facts you bring up. Being such an Alice... fan, I'm thrilled at all the new versions that are coming out this year. There's so much room for interpretation! Thanks for posting this.