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Classic Children's Book Covers
February 18, 2008 These book covers are from before the 1970s 
(some from much earlier), and were all designed for a children's 
audience. What's interesting to me about these covers is that 
they don't look "dumbed down", just because their target audience 
may not be able to tell the difference. All are examples of interesting 
design married with beautiful illustration.

These covers were all pulled from
 Children's Book Covers
by Alan Powers.
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Topic: Graphic Design

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Eric Pitsenbarger
on October 24, 2008These very books are partially 
responsible for elevating a child's mind (mine),
 to that of a passionate artist.

Nate Salciccioli
on October 25, 2008I think they do the same thing
 for me. It also reminds me of what I loved 
about book design, before actually DOING it 
(or knowing anything formal pertaining to design). 
Those were the days! :)

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